The Devil Is Here in These Hills

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From before the dawn of the twentieth century until the arrival of the New Deal, one of the most protracted and deadly labor struggles in American history was waged in West Virginia. On one side were powerful corporations whose millions bought armed guards and political influence. On the other side were fifty thousand mine workers, the nation’s largest labor union, and the legendary “miners’ angel,” Mother Jones. The fight for unionization and civil rights sparked a political crisis that verged on civil war, stretching from the creeks and hollows to the courts and the U.S. Senate. In The Devil Is Here in These Hills, tells the story of West Virginia and coal like never before.


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Praise for The Devil is Here in These Hills:

“The story James Green has to tell … is among the best and largely forgotten American stories. It’s about property rights versus human rights, about hard men and women and about violent conflict. It’s a tale about a working-class insurgency that’s as piney as an Appalachian ballad.”

—Dwight Garner, Book Critic, New York Times

“James Green has resurrected an important, searing piece of our heritage—and just the kind of thing your high school American History teacher didn’t teach you. His lively and moving account of the West Virginia mine wars is a reminder of how painfully long people in this country had to fight to gain even barely decent wages and working conditions. And, as today’s gap between the 1% and everyone else grows ever wider, the era of the robber barons he evokes so well doesn’t seem that far away.”

—Adam Hochschild, author of To End All Wars and King Leopold’s Ghost

“The most comprehensive and comprehendible history of the West Virginia Coal War I’ve ever read. Jim Green has made sense of a half century of violent confrontation.”

—John Sayles, writer and director of Matewan

“James Green’s astonishing book deftly depicts a multinational and interracial group of hard-bitten men, rallied by an Irish-born grandmother, who waged a war for democracy that lasted forty years. . . . As Americans grow increasingly concerned about global capital’s oppression of workers, we would do well to understand how and why it happened here and what it took to stop it.”

—Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore, C. Vann Woodward Professor of History, Yale University

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